Corporate Governance

Governing for the Future

Hawaiian Electric Industries has been around for 130 years – about six times as long as the average U.S. company. Our company’s success is inextricably linked to the future of Hawaii.

We believe our operations are a catalyst for a better Hawaii, and our Board of Directors is always thinking about how HEI holds itself accountable to our stakeholders – our customers, employees, communities and shareholders. Operating for long-term success and sustainability is integral to who we are.

A Diverse and Effective Board

HEI’s directors reflect the diverse makeup of our company and our communities, while bringing considerable utility, renewable energy, financial, operational, risk management, regulatory and governance expertise to their roles. HEI regularly assesses the composition of our Board, as well as our corporate governance practices, to ensure we have the right leadership in place to execute on our strategy, oversee our operations, manage risk, and capitalize on future opportunities for our business.

As a Board, we direct the Company to act with integrity and accountability to:

  • Provide products and services that enhance our customer’s lives;
  • Protect Hawaii’s unique environment;
  • Strengthen Hawaii’s economy; and
  • Support our communities in everything we do.

Governance Highlights

  • Independent and engaged board
    • Independent chair
    • 8 of 9 directors are independent
  • Substantial gender and ethnic diversity provides range of perspectives
    • 50% women
    • 20% ethnically diverse
  • Diligent and measured approach to executive pay
    • Programs designed to focus management on creating long-term value for shareholders and stakeholders
  • Updated director election policies
    • Majority voting in uncontested director elections
    • Board declassification in process
    • Proxy access in place
  • Oversight of ESG incorporated in board governance framework
  • Commitment to regular refreshment and board assessment
    • Average tenure ~6 years
    • Focus on balancing new perspectives with institutional knowledge
    • Effective board evaluation processes, including peer and committee assessments

Meet Our Directors

Former HEI President and CEO Connie Lau and board member Peggy Fowler discuss how the HEI Board of Directors think about Hawaii's sustainable future, advancing technology to create value for all stakeholders, and planning for the future.