Empowering Hawaii to Thrive, Together

Hawaiian Electric strives to be one of the most progressive and highest performing companies in the world, serving the energy needs of each person in Hawaii with purpose, compassion, empathy, and aloha for our fellow humans and our natural environment.

We commit to be the best in all we do. We turn our Hawaii spirit and our connectedness with others to our community’s advantage. We act with boldness and urgency, without fear of failure. Our highest priority is to build a sustainable Hawaii in which our children and grandchildren, our communities, our customers, and employees will thrive, together.

We succeed by providing exceptional service to our customers and integrating and aligning our actions with those of other businesses and organizations. We drive ourselves and others to higher levels of achievement than ever before.

Empowering Hawaii


At Hawaiian Electric, we’re committed to reaching our 100% clean energy future, and reducing our carbon footprint. Let’s continue to work together to build sustainable, resilient communities.

Moving Forward, Together


Together, Hawaii is moving forward. With electric bikes, electric cars, electric buses, and soon, our biggest electric vehicle, rail. For Hawaii and Hawaiian Electric, the future is now.

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