Project Footprint

Project Footprint

Let’s be the generation that preserves Hawaii for generations to come.

Project Footprint is a way for all of us to make sustainable choices. From driving electric vehicles to installing rooftop solar, from planting trees to supporting local causes that protect and preserve our environment, we can all do our part to reduce our carbon footprint.

Human ingenuity has caused carbon emissions to skyrocket over the last century. We believe that same human ingenuity can be used to curb these emissions, protecting the aina we love.

Join Project Footprint as we work together to build a more, sustainable future for Hawaii. Learn more at

Small Footprint

You were born with a small footprint; you should go through life with one, too. Project Footprint invites you to take small steps to reduce our collective carbon footprint. Hawaii’s future is in our hands, our neighbors, our parents, our children.

Plant Your Legacy

The beauty we plant today is the legacy we pass on to our children. It is how a moment becomes a movement. And how a single tree becomes a forest. Join Project Footprint as we give back to the aina by planting thousands of native trees.