Energy Excelerator Tn
Energy Excelerator partners with HEI
HEI serves as Corporate Foundation Partner to Energy Excelerator, a nonprofit program that funds innovative energy solutions by aspiring entrepreneurs—supporting both our journey toward a clean energy future as well as driving economic development in our state.

Hokulea Tn
HEI awards multi-year grant in support of Hōkūleʻa
HEI is a proud patron of Hokule'a's voyage around the world. She will be joined by Hikianalia merging the wisdom of Hawai'i's voyaging ancestors with modern technology as they journey to 85 ports in 26 countries in a mission of exploration, discovery and sustainability for our "island" earth.

Hope Lodge Tn
Employees of HEI lead fundraising effort for Hope Lodge
A year-long fundraising effort by employees of Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric, Hawaii Electric Light, and American Savings Bank are part of HEI's $125,000 contribution to Hope Lodge, which provides lodging for neighbor island cancer patients and access to much needed medical treatments.

Philippines Typhoon Tn
HEI contributes to Aloha For Philippines
HEI—along with its subsidiaries Hawaiian Electric, Hawai'i Electric Light, Maui Electric, and American Savings Bank—contributed $100,000 to the Filipino Community Center as part of the Aloha For Philippines typhoon relief effort. The HEI donation was matched by the Consuelo Foundation, who recently launched Project H.O.P.E. (Haiyan Operations for Protection & Empowerment).