The future of Hawaii is the future of our company – our success is inextricably linked to the health of our economy and the well- being of our communities.

At HEI, we strive to be a catalyst for a better Hawaii. We endeavor to be trusted and valued leaders in improving the economic well-being of the state, promoting the environmental sustainability of our islands, and benefiting the communities we serve.

At the Hawaiian Electric Companies, we're committed to achieving a 100 percent renewable energy future for Hawaii. As we continue to add diverse types of local renewable energy, Hawaii will reduce its dependence on imported oil. Our vision is to empower our customers and communities with affordable, reliable, clean energy, and provide innovative energy leadership for Hawaii.

At American Savings Bank, we are the bank where everybody is somebody – a place where teammates work together to make banking easy while providing the best customer experience. For more than 90 years we have championed the dreams of generations of island residents and businesses. Our strength comes from helping customers succeed and supporting the communities they live in.

HEI works proactively to improve the future of Hawaii and its communities. These efforts are integrated into our core business strategies. By helping our state achieve economic prosperity and a clean environment, and by addressing our communities' needs, we build a sustainable future for our companies and for Hawaii.

we see hawaii: timeless values, new visions

In this video, we see a Hawaii that honors its rich, cultural history, with a passion for exploration, and a vision of innovation for the future.

we see hawaii: stewards of the land

In these three short stories, we hope to show you the Hawaii we see, and how we are building a sustainable future for Hawaii.

we see exporation