Any change to the current registration (ownership) of the stock is considered a transfer. This includes adding or changing a beneficiary. For holders of HAWAIIAN ELECTRIC COMPANY PREFERRED stock, contact Shareholder Services for transfer/name change forms.

HEI Shareholder Services is a Paperless Legals Agent (PLA). As a PLA, we will NOT review legal documents to verify that the correct person is executing the transfer of stock. The guarantor institution is responsible for the review, approval and/or retention of supporting legal documents.

For holders of COMMON stock, complete steps 1 – 5 below and mail all requirements to:

U.S. Postal Service Special Couriers
Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc.
Shareholder Services
P.O. Box 730
Honolulu, HI 96808-0730
Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc.
Shareholder Services
1001 Bishop Street, Suite 829
Honolulu, HI 96813

Submit physical stock certificate(s) for transfer, if certificated shares are being transferred.

When mailing common stock certificates we suggest that you insure them for 2% of the market value or $12.50, whichever is greater. If any of your stock certificates are lost, stop here. Do not continue with the name change/transfer requirements. You must submit a signed written notification to HEI, stating that your stock certificate is lost. Mail or fax the notification. Upon receiving your notification, we will place a stop on the lost certificates(s) and mail you the replacement cost and procedures.

Mailing Address:

HEI Shareholder Services
P.O. Box 730
Honolulu, HI 96808-0730
Fax: (808) 532-5868 & (808) 203-1989

Stock certificates will be converted to book-entry Dividend Reinvestment Plan shares for those accounts that already have DRIP shares. For all others, shares will be credited as Direct Registration shares. Certificates will not be issued for new accounts.

Complete a Stock Power Form (PDF). Print the form and fill in each section.

When a shareholder is unable to sign EXACTLY as registered on the account, or a minor has come of age, or the transferor is a corporation, partnership or other entity, see Additional Instructions below.

Complete and sign a Request for Taxpayer Identification Number & Certification (Form W-9) (PDF) for each transferee (each new account). If the taxpayer I.D. number of the transferee is not certified, the account will be subject to withholding mandated by the I.R.S. for all dividend disbursements and liquidations.

Provide the trust agreement (short form) OR trust document pages showing the name of the trustee, date and name of the trust along with the signature pages, if the shares are being transferred to a trust.

Each transfer or name change creates a new account and assigns a new account number, unless the transfer is made into an existing account. Each new account requires the following forms to be completed in order to enroll or continue participation:

Automatic Cash Investment Application (PDF)
Direct Deposit Form (PDF)
Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan (DRIP) Authorization Form (PDF)

Additional Instructions
Follow these instructions when a shareholder is unable to sign EXACTLY as registered on the account OR a minor has come of age OR the transferor is a corporation, partnership or other entity.

Complete these transfer procedures in addition to those listed in Steps 1-5 above:

  1. If shares are being transferred due to the death of a shareholder, you MUST attach a notarized Affidavit of Domicile (PDF) OR, if required by the decedent’s State of residence, an Inheritance Tax Waiver to the Stock Power form. Currently, the states that require a waiver are IN, NY, OH, OK, PA, TN, PR. For any tax waiver questions or to obtain a tax waiver, contact the State’s Department of Taxation or Revenue directly.
  2. A Medallion Signature Guarantee is not required on the Stock Power form for transfers made to the surviving tenant(s) from a joint tenant with rights of survivorship account when one tenant is deceased. The shares must be re-titled to the survivor’s name(s) alone, exactly as it appears on the current registration. Surviving tenant(s) should mail a certified death certificate (no photocopies) and notarized Affidavit of Domicile (PDF) or Tax Waiver, along with the requirements from Steps 1-5 above, directly to HEI.
  3. Contact your financial institution or broker-dealer BEFORE going to see them for a Medallion Signature Guarantee. Legal documents are required by the Medallion Guarantor to support a signature other than the shareholder’s. Ask them to give you a specific list of documents you need to bring in order to obtain a Medallion Signature Guarantee. The following list of commonly required legal documents is provided to help you when you call the Guarantor.
    These documents may be kept by the Guarantor and will NOT be reviewed or returned if they are submitted to HEI.

      • Birth certificate or passport - certified
      • Corporate Resolution with raised seal that identifies individual(s) authorized to transfer shares and corporate secretary’s certification that the resolution is valid
      • Court order - certified with raised seal
      • Death certificate - certified
      • Letters Testamentary - certified (raised seal) court appointment of a personal representative for the decedent’s estate, dated within 60 days of request; OR Small Estate Affidavit according to State regulations of the decedent’s State of residence.
      • Power of Attorney with language permitting the attorney-in-fact to transfer stock
      • Trust agreement (short form) OR trust document page(s) naming the successor trustee
      • Trust document pages that define the requirements for incapacity or trustee’s resignation letter