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HEI is a family of three complementary companies that provide energy and financial services across all six Hawaiian islands, supporting a sustainable future. Our businesses are helping Hawaii to be clean, energy independent, innovative and prosperous now and into the future.

Hawaiian Electric Company

For 125 years, the Hawaiian Electric Companies have provided the energy that fuels our island’s growth and prosperity. Now, we are spearheading the way toward a 100% clean energy, carbon neutral future. Hawaiian Electric Companies serve 95% of Hawaii, creating a strong partnership with our communities, and creating sustainable economics for our shareholders and stakeholders.

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American Savings Bank

American Savings Bank provides the capital to help Hawaii grow. It has been serving and investing in Hawaii’s families, businesses and communities since 1925, loaning $7.8 billion to customers over the last 5 years. Our ability to finance a sustainable Hawaiian economy supports Hawaiian Electric Companies efforts to create clean, energy-efficient communities.

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Pacific Current

Pacific Current is our newest subsidiary, and a powerful investment platform focused on accelerating Hawaii’s clean energy future. Through Pacific Current we are able to help develop projects that advance Hawaii’s ambitious environmental and economic goals.

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we see responsibility

Watch how the Hawaiian Electric Company is working with a local rancher to preserve his family lands by developing a wind farm compatible with their ranching activities.

we see exploration

This video features the spirit of Hokulea's worldwide voyage, and their association with American Savings Bank, as partners investing in the exploration, innovation and future thought leadership of Hawaii.